An artful touch with Photoshop

Jesse Borrell Visuals was onsite for a shoot in Denver. The night featured the debut of Dominic Lalli’s Bluebird Quintet at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox. The mood was right, the musicians were psyched, primed to go on momentarily.

But somewhere in that very brief interlude between setting up the shot and capture, a man wandered into the frame…

When reviewing the shot later that evening Jess was rather surprised to see a slumped body in the alley below. WTF?! Perfect timing! Sorry man.  Not the shot Jess was after … but there was no going back.

A post-production fix

Jess knows that I get a kick from doing touchup work … and I owed him a favor. We have a handy creative give-and-take on various shared pursuits.

So I touched up the image. The wanderer moved on… I hope he found a warm bed.

Then I cloned the bench in place, repaired the light and shadow. While I was in there, I erased some of Jesse’s extraneous reflection in the window pane on the top left and dimmed the flash glare in the glasses of the man on the far right.

It’s all good … a light hand and a bit of Photoshop magic is a cure-all for what ails ya.