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Creative Procrastination… thanks to YES! Magazine

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YES! Magazine – Journalism for People Building a Better World

Creative Procrastination

In the spirit of Austin Kleon, here I am, shamelessly plagiarizing pieces of the cover art from YES! Magazine, Spring 2020. I love making collages.

YES! Media is part of the Creative Commons movement, so I think borrowing this colorful art supports their work – as long as I give credit to their awesomeness…

Some days are tough to get through… some days I feel devoid of positive, creative ideas and momentum … I know it is out there … except it seems like the darkness hypnotizes me from seeking the light. Some days it is easier to give up and sink … and then I smack myself back into focus to welcome any steadying influences to steer my little boat through turbulent waters.

Seeking inspiration

So, here I am sitting at my keyboard, doing this Photoshop thing, this text-edit thing, this WordPress thing, trying to turn my focus back toward solutions, rather than fixating on the shit.

Right when I needed it, here in my snail mail came YES!

The cover alone buoys my spirits. I am delighted to play with this colorful art after several weeks of complicated drudgery and fielding ridiculously selfish client demands.

If you are looking for a bright spot, check out YES! Magazine

In this fractured reality, it is essential to support visionary sources that help us to understand new perspectives, to build bridges of healing and connection in our polarized society. YES! wants to know what inspires us, what makes us think, and how we are working to better our beautiful planet.

A sample of this issue includes topics such as “Future of Food: The Search for Planet-Friendly Protein”; “What Public Banks can do for Everyday People”; “5 Visions for a Just, Sustainable Compassionate Future”; “The Language of Antiracism, an Illustrated Glossary.”

I don’t work for YES! (I wish I did!). It’s just that today is a good day. So smile. Do something kind. Be generous. Do something just for fun. It’s good to laugh, to stretch, to breathe. And read something positive!

An Artful Touch

An artful touch with Photoshop

Jesse Borrell Visuals was onsite for a shoot in Denver. The night featured the debut of Dominic Lalli’s Bluebird Quintet at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox. The mood was right, the musicians were psyched, primed to go on momentarily.

But somewhere in that very brief interlude between setting up the shot and capture, a man wandered into the frame…

When reviewing the shot later that evening Jess was rather surprised to see a slumped body in the alley below. WTF?! Perfect timing! Sorry man.  Not the shot Jess was after … but there was no going back.

A post-production fix

Jess knows that I get a kick from doing touchup work … and I owed him a favor. We have a handy creative give-and-take on various shared pursuits.

So I touched up the image. The wanderer moved on… I hope he found a warm bed.

Then I cloned the bench in place, repaired the light and shadow. While I was in there, I erased some of Jesse’s extraneous reflection in the window pane on the top left and dimmed the flash glare in the glasses of the man on the far right.

It’s all good … a light hand and a bit of Photoshop magic is a cure-all for what ails ya.