Back in 2012, overcoming fear and stagnation, we sought growth and forward movement. Feeling excited, in the blush of creating something new. Growth from despair.

We brainstormed a website that offers a combination of practical home design how-to, holistic philosophy, and lots of imagery, maybe poetry… Who knew where this would lead?

Nick’s red pen flew across the page in his intuitive, automatic, handwritten style. I typed the first drafts and we edited. We dove deeply into our treasures trove of photographs sifting and sorting to hone a new concept.

My long-term job in newspaper and magazine production evaporated. In response, I crammed and studied web design – transferring my print-based background into web applications. Above all, I wanted to find art and make art to illustrate the ideas we explored.

The truth is, we had bottomed out. The east coast building trade had crashed. The newspaper industry had crashed. We had to believe in our inner resources and find a way forward. Looking back, we felt pretty alone and afraid, that we had failed somehow. But now we know how big the issues truly were. There were many people in the same sinking boat. Our work and our livelihood were shattered. Our belief in the future was ripped off by larger selfish, dark intentions.

Through growth and challenge, we Make something new! is a repository of many interesting ideas, and I am pleased with it still. Beginner’s luck? I don’t think so.

A few years later as our work evolved, I built a variation on the first Healing Home website and called it In this new format, I wanted to go deeper into the visual and to use fewer words to portray the concepts.

Across all disciplines, the foundations of design are based on balance, proportion, color, and utility; discovering the optimal blend create a harmonic that is tangible, an ephemeral and sought-after ‘value-added’ essence. These ideas apply to web design as well. I always aim to take a design project one step beyond – to infuse it with light.

The banner image is Zoe and Jesse, holding hands walking a path on Block Island.


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