Advertising Luxury Travel

Advertising and organizational support for a luxury travel company

Services provided: Advertising, Graphic Design, Branding, Social Media, Organizational Support, Editorial, Copywriting


Burkat Global leads small-group, luxury, niche tours. While the company is based in New York, our market is international in scope.

Working remotely, the ads I build run in the New York Times Travel Section and various specialty magazines. Over the years I have built two websites and countless promotional materials during this creative relationship. I have also dedicated time “minding the shop” while the Iris and Howard travel. While they are abroad, I edit Iris’s blog posts and organize text and photos sent from the field.

Iris and Howard are intrepid globe-hoppers and have been to over 80 countries. The best part of working with them is that I get to vicariously enjoy their adventures. I particularly enjoyed their time in South Africa. They lived there for a year-and-a-half while celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Cool huh? In editing Iris’s blog, I have learned a great deal about the landscape, the people, the art. I’d love to go there!

India, however, is their favorite destination. They return there as often as possible. There are many interesting aspects of India that surprised me, such as the peaceful, tropical beaches and inland waterways. Iris and Howard thrive when touring remote locations, historical sites, riding in tuk-tuks in gritty cities, savoring street food, staying in exotic locations, and sharing their insider access to remote places of interest.

Iris and Howard have a wonderful sense of adventure.

And, although she has been known to complain at the task, Iris writes wonderful travelogs. Her sense of humor sings out loud and clear when she shares unique experiences of traveling in foreign cultures.


Advertising – Burkat Facebook promo - India
Advertising – Burkat - NYTs ad - India
Advertising promo for lux travel company
Advertising promo for lux travel company
Advertising – Burkat ad - India
Advertising promo for lux travel company