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Conceptual Development, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Web Design for Architectural Design company

Services provided: Website, Branding, Logo Design, Advertising, Social Media, Editorial, Copywriting, Book Making, Conceptual Development

The concept of The Healing Home evolved from two life-long careers – myself as a Graphic Designer, and my husband, a Design/Build professional.

Nicholas and I pooled our skills and our holistic perspectives. He is an expressive author as well as a builder, and I am an artist. It made perfect sense to join forces to create something useful as well as beautiful!

The name we chose, “The Healing Home”, reflects a deep, human desire to foster a supportive living environment. Home is a Sanctuary where we nurture our loved ones. It is not necessarily extravagant, or costly to achieve. Simplicity is best.

We created a concept of “holistic” home design.

The branding of The Healing Home cut some challenging “new territory”. We defined a new genre. It’s not quite “feng shui.” Not just “colors.” But a philosophy Nicholas calls “Energetic Architecture“. Over the years, we have written articles. We published a book. I have always produced visuals and ads for our various design/build companies. We constantly fine-tune our presentation and language as it evolves.

Consequently, I have built two websites to display our work. The first was The Healing Home (now offline) and a few years later, Healing Home Designs. I create imagery to illustrate the essays, suggest new directions to explore.

Currently, as a Social Media Manager, I write copy and build graphics for Facebook and Instagram. Our Facebook page is called The Healing Home by Nicholas Borrell. Many followers are homeowners (or hope to be) dreaming of their remodeling “Wish List”. The desire to have a home is central to everything.

Sometimes the concepts in Nick’s essays are eclectic and philosophical. Often, they are practical, informative articles that offer insight into the nature of the Contractor/Homeowner relationship and how to get the best result. Client relations, money, realistic expectations are all key topics.

Our mantra is “Small is Beautiful ” – E.F. Schmacher.

You will also find us on Houzz, a website that specializes in all aspects of Home Design where I maintain our professional presence.

As our architectural design and remodeling projects evolve, I coordinate photo shoots and gather descriptive text to chronicle their progress. By now, we have an extensive archive of completed projects.


Branding – Artistic, conceptual development – THH book design
Websites – Montage of dancers, pendulum
Branding – Artistic, conceptual development – Montage - raining frogs

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