Energetic Architecture

Conceptual Development, graphic design, web design for architectural design firm

Services provided: Conceptual Development, Website Build, Branding, Logo Design, Advertising, Social Media, Photography, Editorial, Copywriting

Conceptual Development from the very beginning. First came The Healing Home in January 2012.

Nicholas and I were on to something new! The birth of The Healing Home reflected a blend of skills. I am a Graphic Designer, my husband’s Design/Build expertise blended with our life-long holistic-health practices.

Later, as our concept evolved, I built a new website. As a result, I constructed Healing Home DESIGNS in April 2016.

Healing Home DESIGNS is more visual and less text-oriented than our first website. It offers a different perspective – an intuitive, subtle energy approach to home design.


Healing Home DESIGNS is built upon teamwork. Nicholas writes the technical project descriptions. I distill the text and design the visuals. We keep adding new information as projects are completed and new topics come to light.

So, what is a Healing Home?

A space where you feel a sense of harmony and order.

In a Healing Home, you feel nourished in body and soul. Experience a heightened sense of energy and enthusiasm. Breathe easily, feel content. The proportions of the rooms fit your activities. Fresh air flows; natural objects, textures, and colors please the eye.

similarities between architectural design and web design

Home Design. After years of hands-on Design/Build experience, Nicholas has acquired a 3D visualization skill. He listens closely to the needs and desires of his clients to find pleasing spatial solutions. The Healing Home draws the architectural plans, handles the permits. Nicholas will interview the potential contractors to determine if they are a good fit. He will see the job through to completion.

Web Design and Social Media. There are basic building blocks for this work too. Space, color, an order of elements. I design our visuals, develop our brand – including the logos and colors. Coordinate photo shoots to chronical the progress. In addition, I create and share content to social media outlets. My background in advertising, magazine, newspaper, and book production is the foundation of my skills.

Hence, we attract an online audience that enjoys following our projects – from the “Before” photos to the “Finished” photos.


Artistic, conceptual development – HHD Small is Beautiful promo
Conceptual Development – Yin Yang synergy artwork
Artistic, conceptual development – HHD Instagram ad
Healing Home DESIGNS promo
Healing Home DESIGNS promo