A Multimedia Website

Web Design for a multimedia company

Services provided: Website, Editorial, Copywriting

Back in 2015, I collaborated with the artists of NOCOAST to build this beautiful website. My aesthetic sense, knowledge of WordPress, and get-down-to-business attitude were helpful to add balance and readability – and some muscle to organize a great deal of content.

NOCOAST is a creative partnership that shoots and produces music videos. Also, they excel at capturing the excitement live music scenarios, in-studio shoots, and interviews. In addition, the rock at still photography, time-lapse photography, and portraits. Co-founders Jesse Borrell and Tobin Voggesser are passionate artists – they are all about imagery, creative expression, and storytelling.

Collaboration is at the heart of NOCOAST. Jesse and Tobin enjoy working with other artistic minds. They have an expandable roster of talent that bends and flexes based upon the project. Jesse shares, “The collaborations and friendships we have fostered extend across the globe, and we feel the NOCOAST crew includes everyone we have worked with.”

This Boulder-based company has shot many shows around the USA. But their fav all-time experience is always at the majestic Colorado Red Rocks Amphitheater – in front of 9,000 screaming fans. Being on that stage during a show is a rush! I know, because I have been there – working as an assistant, carrying equipment and minding a camera. What a hoot!!

These days NOCOAST is flying coast-to-coast shooting commercials for some big-name outfits. They are always seeking new creative opportunities.

I have had a front-row seat to observe the growth of this awesome company!

… and I am proud to play a small role in their success. NOCOAST rocks!