Educational and Clinical Branding

Graphic Design for an educational and clinical services provider

Services provided: Graphic Design, Social Media, Web Management

Working with SAGE Center has provided a wonderful opportunity for building a cohesive brand across a range of media. In my role here, I provide graphic design services for advertising and social media, as well as copywriting, and website management.

Working closely with the Founder and Director, Renu B. Rose, I create beautiful, inviting imagery. The look and feel we convey throughout is one of calm, focus, consistency. A soft appeal and introspective intelligence are implicitly portrayed throughout the SAGE website, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, posters, and flyers.

SAGE Center is located in nearby Boulder, Colorado. I have contributed creatively here since it opened in 2012.

SAGE Center for Gifted provides guidance, assessment, educational, and clinical support. They serve families of gifted and twice gifted children. The Center offers a holistic perspective that honors multiple intelligences and nurtures the cognitive, emotional, social, and creative intellects. In six short years, SAGE Center has grown to offer six locations across Colorado and California.

I have created a recognizable brand that expresses sensitivity and grace.

In addition, I compose many of the faculty descriptions that appear on SAGE Center for Gifted. These descriptions are a blend of standard resumes and personal reflections that offer insight into the scope of SAGE Center offerings.

These descriptive narratives are essential. When potential clients visit the SAGE Center website, they take considerable time to review these biographies to find a suitable therapist for their child. The narratives convey the professionalism and individuality of our diverse faculty. SAGE attracts an impressive staff, who share their knowledge, passions, and tender experience to open doors of transformation.


Graphic Design – SAGE Costa Rica promo
Graphic Design – SAGE Center, gifted conference signage
Graphic Design – SAGE Lakewood ad
Graphic Design – SAGE job ad
Graphic Design – SAGE Summer 2018 flyer
Graphic Design – SAGE faculty announcement
Graphic Design – SAGE Costa Rica ad
Graphic Design for Educational and Clinical Service
Graphic Design – SAGE San Diego ad