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Web Design – Noble Treasures Antiques and Collectibles

Services provided: New Website, Branding, Editorial, Copywriting, Photography

Noble Treasures Antiques is an intriguing shop in Lafayette. Colorado. It offers 6200 square feet of antiques, primitives, art, Native American jewelry, and collectibles. The shop was founded in the 1980’s, and guess what? It is haunted!

It was time for a web makeover. Noble Treasures Antiques had outgrown its original website hosted on There was intriguing information on the old site that was worth preserving but also a lot of dead weight to be culled. The first question was, shall we mend the existing site or go for a fresh new look?

Working with the manager Jeannine, my first task was to assess which copy and imagery were worth keeping. I sorted and sifted with care and found some gems worth keeping. For example, the history of the shop provided interesting material to work with. But in the long run, a new website was the best way to go.

The opportunity to build a new website for Noble Treasures Antiques was a delightful challenge.

The flow of an intuitive website requires an integrated structure…

So, I considered … What does this shop do best? What products are the backbone of this business?

Content Organization

In organizing copy for a new build, it is essential to create categories that define the order and importance of the information you want to present. This basic “nuts-and-bolts” approach seems so elementary, yet it is essential. I build an outline of the text right from the start to see what I have to work with. This is far preferable to wrestling it into form once the electronic pages are underway.

The main categories for Noble Treasures are Fine Antique Furniture, Primitives, and gorgeous, drop-dead Native American Jewelry. Once we determined this, making the site beautiful was easy!

I enjoyed exploring the aisles photographing unique objects, gathering content, and finding inspiration to design this website. There are so many interesting doodads and whatchamacallits – as well as lamps, crystal, jewelry, and more. I just never knew what treasure I would find.

Composing new text and editing copy from the original website, I gather text for the pages and created social media graphics. Creative opportunities abound working with so many unique items so rich in history!

Research adds interest to blog posts!

The manager of the shop researches the background of her merchandise to write her blogs. Like many clients, writing posts is not a task she anticipated at the beginning of the project. Ever curious though, Jeannine’s research adds contextual interest. Her blogs are fascinating glimpses into history – especially the “local primitive” items she offers. These antiques are most-likely discards from wagon trains traveling across the rough terrain in search of a new start in the American West. What challenges these brave individuals met! If only these objects could speak!

Visit the Noble Treasures Antiques and their Facebook page. Come roam the aisles … Take a quiet moment to greet the friendly ghosts! I loved working with Jeannine to create a website that truly expresses the beauty of her merchandise.

New Website – Ornate key
New Website – NTA graphic
New Website – NTA holiday card