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Web Design challenge!  Zach Johnson, a local Stonemason, and I first explored the idea of a new website over lunch more than a year ago.

Zach and his partner John Engelland wanted to rebrand their business and the type of masonry projects that came their way. As owners of Z Stone, they work with various types of stone – cutting, measuring and shaping it into exquisite vessel sinks, patios, walkways, floors, and walls. Z Stone is well respected for its quality workmanship. They are recommended by quarries statewide.

Philosophers by nature, artisans in heart and mind.

Deeply rooted in individual meditative practices, Zach and John wanted to attract a different type of project. Their love of working with stone brings them into deep, daily communion with the Earth. I was drawn to building a website that reflects their passion.

As we dove into production, I reread books that I have explored and enjoyed about power points on the Earth. About ley lines, intentional communities. I re-minded myself of things that I already know … about my relationship to this beautiful planet. As I read John and Zach’s essays about energy, consciousness, and connection, I grew increasingly excited.

More artists than salesmen, I helped them to define their product and intended message. A metaphysical potential grounded by the solidness of stone. The transformation of raw material into a refined result.

What is a Temple? What is Sacred Space?

Where do you find respite from the demands of the outer world? In this case, stone steps leading to a small garden can be a walking meditation. A stone bench under a tree becomes a gateway to a quiet inner place. A bubbling fountain embedded with a sandstone ring in a patio of river stone soothes a restless mind.

The logo design was received in meditation. It has three elements: a star, an infinity sign, and a triangle. Each element has special meaning – and as a whole, means something more.

As writers and philosophers, Zach and John’s posts truly capture their inner connection to stone as a living substance of the Earth. Rising Star builds Sacred Space. A Temple is what you make it, as simple as a bench in a courtyard where you sit in solitude.

Visual delight!

We hired Jesse Borrell to take photos onsite at a local quarry and on various projects. Shot at very fast shutter speeds, you can see a galaxy of starlight explode with each stroke of a hammer! The Home page photo is a timelapse self-portrait that Jesse calls “Cosmic Selfie.” We are honored that he permitted us to use it, as Zach and John feel it epitomizes man, earth and cosmos. Another day, Jess walked Eldorado Canyon with John and Zach to take playful headshots.

I wish to thank Russ Croop, a Boulder-based professional photographer, who provided photos of their work over the years.

In addition, Rising Star features Zach and John’s gorgeous Instagram series called “Stone Love – Daily Meditation on Stone and the Universe”.

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Web Design and Conceptual Development. Logo design elements.
Web Design and Conceptual Development. Rising Star hammer action.
Web Design and Conceptual Development. Meditation Hands.
Web Design and Conceptual Development. Buddha in pachysandra.
Conceptual Development. Rising Star logo design
Web Design and Conceptual Development. Rising Star John and Zach.
Web Design and Conceptual Development. Quarry photo.