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What a pleasure it is to contribute my creative contribution to this endeavor! The design of this website features rich imagery and poetic language. It invites participants to travel into the depths of the psyche on a journey of inner discovery. To complete the branding, I have created workshop promotions, flyers, social media graphics, and business cards.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

This provocative quote from Mary Oliver is an inspiration to many, and especially to the founders of Southwest Soul Quest.

Joseph McCaffrey and John Lynch are leaders in innovative, contemplative, nature-based healing. They share alternative educational models aiming to create formative space where individuals can sink into deepening layers of self-discovery. These skills and practices, developed by Eco-Depth Psychologist, Bill Plotkin, evoke the world-shifting experience of soul encounter.

Soulcraft Practices spring from wilderness rites, depth psychology, ecopsychology, the poetic tradition, and from the wild Earth itself. They comprise a contemporary, Western, and nature-rooted path to the terra mysterium of soul initiation. Their workshops take place in the high deserts of the American southwest.

Need to get away, unplug, find some renewal? I know just who to suggest! Joseph and John are righteous, perceptive men, worthy soul-keepers.


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